Targray Technology International Inc. , Commonly Referred to as Targray , is a Canadian multinational chemical and electronic materials corporation headquartered in Kirkland, Quebec , That supplies materials and other solutions to the international biofuel , lithium-ion battery , energy storage , and photovoltaics industries. [2] Founded in 1989 in Montreal , the company maintains an office of Canada , the United States , Germany , Czech Republic ,China , Taiwan and India . [3]


Solar – Photovoltaics

In 2005, Targray became a supplier of raw materials for the burgeoning solar photovoltaics industry. As of 2016, the company was one of the largest global suppliers of solar wafers , and polysilicon , a component used in the manufacturing of solar cells and semiconductor wafers. [4] In April 2017, Targray announced that it had begun supplying junction boxes for photovoltaics manufacturing. [5]

Biofuels – Biodiesel

Targray’s biofuel marketing and trading segment provides biofuels, primarily biodiesel , to markets in the US and Canada. Among the largest biodiesel suppliers in North America, the company is accredited by the National Biodiesel Board as a BQ-9000 Biodiesel Marketer, and is a registered supplier with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) . [6] In 2014, Targray opened an inventory of its biodiesel supply in Bakersfield, California . [7] It has since added fuel terminal locations in Stockton , Fresno and Los Angeles, California, Cincinnati , Chicago , Tampa and New Orleans . [8]

Lithium-ion Batteries

Targray supplies several raw materials used in the production of lithium-ion batteries , including anode materials , lithium battery-grade, cathode materials , coated electrodes, separators, supercapacitors and packaging materials. The company also supplies battery manufacturers with commercial equipment, R & D and pilot-line installations. [9]

Optical Media

Targray HAS sold materials used in the manufacture of optical discs and DVDs since 1989. It was founded in The company is a global beg of mastering, replication and electroforming materials used in the manufacturing of optical media products. [10]


1987-2004: Early History

Targray Was Legally incorporated in 1989 under the name Targray Technology International Inc. . The company’s first recorded sales were in the Drummondville , Quebec area. By 1995, Targray’s selection of optical media products has grown to include a complete line of sputtering targets for all optical disc formats.

Beginning in 1998, Targray underwent a series of expansions to accommodate its growing optical media business and workforce, and by 2004 the company opened five international sales offices, located in Dordrecht , Laguna Niguel , Taipei , Panenské Břežany , and New Delhi . [11]

2005-Present: Expansion and Diversification

In 2005, Targray adopted a diversification strategy focused on high-growth industries, beginning with solar energy. The strategy led to an Increase in the company’s growth rate, and in 2006 It was the Official ninth fastest-growing company in the province of Quebec for the previous five-year period by Canadian French-language magazine L’actualité . [12]

In 2008, Targray’s solar products were sold in Canada, and were included in Profit Magazine’s list of fastest growth companies in Canada. [13] In 2009, Targray’s annual revenues – 70% of which were generated by the solar division – exceeded $ 250 million per year. [14] In 2010 and 2012, Targray established two new business divisions, created to supply lithium-ion battery materials and bio-based fuels, respectively. Shortly thereafter, the company began marketing B99 and B100 biodiesel blends from its California terminal. [15]

In October 2016, Ernst & Young announced that the President of Targray Technology International Inc., Andrew Richardson, had been named the regional winner of the 2016 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for Quebec, in the manufacturing category. [16]

In April 2017, Targray announced that its Biofuels Division has been named a finalist for PwC Canada’s Vision for Reality (V2R) Innovator of the Year Award. [17]

Partner Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Targray supports and collaborates with several nonprofit organizations operating in Energy Storage , Photovoltaics and Biofuel Industries. The company is an institutional member of the Electrochemical Society , [18] a full voting member of the National Biodiesel Board , [19] and a corporate member of the Solar Energy Industries Association . [20]


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