The SunSaluter is a technology that enables the automatic rotation of solar panels to follow the sun throughout the day to increase their energy generation. The technology was created by Eden Full and is being developed by her company Roseicollis Technologies.

The Roseicollis Technologies website claims that the SunSaluter is cheaper than existing solar panel technologies, and is also simple and flexible. According to the website, the SunSaluter has been deployed in two pilot projects in Kenya and will be deployed in Peru and India . [1]


The work to deploy the technology is being funded by:

  • The Thiel Foundation headed by Peter Thiel , which is funded by Eden Full through the Thiel Fellowship . The fellowship totals to $ 100,000 over two years. [2]
  • Scotia Bank , which awarded $ 10,000 to Eden Full for the creation of the SunSaluter as its Ecoliving 2011 Student Leader Award. [3]
  • The Green Challenge , where the SunSaluter was the runner-up. [4]
  • Ashoka Youth Competition , [5] co-sponsored by the Staples Foundation .

A full list of partners is available on the website. [1]

SunSaluter also won Mashable ‘s Startups for Good Challenge, winning $ 10,000 and a Social Good award from the UN Foundation . [6]

Media coverage

The Forbes [7] and CleanTechnica . [8]


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