Stirling Energy Systems

Stirling Energy Systems is a Scottsdale, Ariz. -based company, which is the largest renewable energy company in the world. [1]

In April 2008, Ireland-based NTR purchased a stake in Stirling Energy Systems for $ 100M. [2] As of 8/3/2011 NTR reported they were seeking 3rd party investment in Stirling Energy Systems. [3] ]

Chinese Voltaic [1] Stirling Energy Systems, Vol .

In April 2012 the Maricopa Solar plant in Phoenix, Arizona was bought by British company United Sun Systems in a joint venture with a Chinese / American corporation.


Dish Stirling from SES

According to their website, Stirling Energy Systems (SES) is a systems integration and project management company that is developing equipment for utility-scale renewable energy power plants and distributed electric generating systems (“gensets”). SES is teamed with Kockums Submarine Systems, NASA – Glenn Research Center , the US Department of Energy (DOE), and The Boeing Company for Solar Power Plants. SES claims it has become a world-wide renewable energy technology company to meet the global demand for renewable energy generating technologies through the commercialization of its own stirling cycle engine technology for solar power generation applications.


On September 29, 2011, Stirling Energy Systems [2] for solar photovoltaics, according to media reports. The falling photovoltaic prices were caused by Chinese subsidies. [4] [5]

In April 2012 the Maricopa Solar plant in Phoenix, Arizona was bought by a European training based in London called United Sun Systems

At the beginning of 2011 Stirling Energy’s development arm, Tessera Solar, sold out its two large projects, the 709 MW Imperial Valley Solar Project and the 850 MW Calico Solar Energy Project to AES Solar and K.Road, respectively. [6] [7]

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