SOLVATTEN is a combined portable water treatment and solar water heater system that has been designed for use in developing households. The device uses natural UV radiation to treat water, and units are able rendering of highly contaminated water drinkable (as defined by the WHO safe drinking water standards. [1] ) in A Few hours, there is Provided Sufficient sunlight.

SOLVATTEN incorporates three water treatment processes: filtration , pasteurization and UV sterilization . [2] Under optimal conditions, the device can eliminate all pathogenic material in 10-liters of water within 2 hours, [3] allowing for multiple batches of water to be treated in a given day.

The device is Typically used in situations Where water resources are scarce and prone to contamination, goal aussi It has-been applied in disaster scenarios raised. [4] The device and its inventor, Petra Wadström, have both achieved recognition through a series of national and international awards.

Design and Usage

Each SOLVATTEN unit consists of two five-liter containers that have transparent surfaces and can be filled with water. The ultraviolet light is highly sensitive to UV light, specifically UV-B, which is highly effective at destroying microorganisms . Water is poured in through an opening of 35 microns to remove larger particles [5]

Once filled, the unit is placed in direct sunlight, which simultaneously heats the water and exposes it to ultraviolet radiation . The combination of these is an effective means of purifying water and, depending on conditions, the pathogenic material in 2-6 hours. The water is heated to between 55 and 75 ° C, [2] making it suitable for a number of other household and hygiene purposes, such as washing, bathing and domestic cleaning.

A study has shown that the use of SOLVATTEN is associated with health improvements in communities. It has been reported that it is 100% of pathogenic material from water while it is contaminated, but it is also associated with vitamin D deficiency in children under five years old. [6]

The study, conducted in Mali, showed that using SOLVATTEN reduced their combustion of firewood and charcoal by an average of 0.5 and 0.9 kg / day respectively. [6] This had additional economic benefits for the user, with average savings of 15.8 USD / month. [6] A separate research exercise calculated on the social return on investment (SROI) of SOLVATTEN, which accounts for extra-financial value (eg environmental and social value not reflected in financial accounts) relating to resources invested. In that study, the SROI was calculated to be 1:26, which was calculated for each unit of currency invested in SOLVATTEN, 26 were created [3]

Awards and recognition

SOLVATTEN was designed by the Swedish inventor and environmentalist Petra Wadström. Wadström has been recognized as one of Sweden’s most prestigious modern entrepreneurs and environmentalists, while the SOLVATTEN device itself has been recognized as a significant innovation. Below is a list of some of the awards received by both Wadström and her invention.

Award Awarding body Container year
Sweden’s 100 most influential environmentalists [7] Miljöaktuellt Petra Wadström 2014
Sweden’s top 100 women [8] Expressen newspaper Petra Wadström 2014
The Polhem Prize [9] Sveriges Ingenjörer Petra Wadström / Solvatten 2013
The Energy Globe Award Mali [10] Energy Globe Solvatten 2013
Outstanding Achievement Award 2012 [11] Sveriges Ingenjörer Petra Wadström 2012
SACC NY Deloitte Green Award [12] Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Solvatten 2011
Änglamarks Prize [13] COOP Petra Wadström 2011
Best Green New Product Innovation [14] International Green Awards Solvatten 2011
Climate Solver [15] WWF Solvatten 2009
Skapa Prize [16] Stifelsen SKAPA Petra Wadström 2008


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