Solarroller is a BEAM dragster photovore robot run by solar panel That utlilizes sunlight . In competitions between solarrollers, every one must run one meter in the shortest time possible. Components include pager motors , capacitors , resistors , transistors , and solar panels.

There are several different types of configurations of solarrollers, with bigger or smaller wheels, one or two motors. Configurations differences include:

  • motor (number and output),
  • wheels (number and size), and
  • frame designs

This robot type always moves forwards. The motor drives one or more wheels. A ” Solar Engine ” circuit is used to feed the robot. Solorroller’s speed is directly related to the amount of light robot registers on its optical sensor. Most are driven by an electronic ” relaxation oscillator “, in which a charge is accumulated in a capacitor while at rest and then released in the drive mechanism.

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Further reading

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