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Solar Ship Inc. is a company based in Toronto, Canada that develops hybrid aircraft to deliver critical cargo to cut-off places. [1] [2] The solarship gains lift from both gas and aerodynamics and uses power from solar panels . The aircraft is a new mode of transportation that does not rely on fossil fuels or ground infrastructure. [3]


Inspired by airships and the Canadian bush plane , the concept behind Solar Ship born to teenager Jay Godsall in 1983. Burundian embassy in Ottawa, Canada with his friend Michel Rugema. A debate broke out over who has the worst transportation problems. Is it Canada’s north or landlocked Africa? Godsall realized that both areas require a new mode of transportation and a plan that can not be limited by a lack of infrastructure. In 2006, Solar Ship Inc. was officially established. [4]


The solarship’s wing-ship design allows for extreme short takeoff and landing (XSTOL), such as in a soccer field. Its design provides a large surface area for solar electric power, allowing long, self-sufficient range. A solarship does not need to be solar powered and can be powered by traditional combustion. However, the goal is to develop a new way of transportation that does not depend on fossil fuels, roads, or runways. The planes, trucks, ships and airships can not be delivered to the world. Each solar plane is designed and built to the requirements of a mission. Currently, there are three initial missions with specific requirements: the Wolverine, the Caracal, and the Nanuq. Solar Ship’s Active Mission, as of December 2015,[5]


On August 29, 2014, a prototype aircraft owned, designed, and operated by Brantford Airport , heavily injuring its two pilots, Mark Taylor and Mark Marshall. [6] One of the pilots had to be rescued. [7] The crash was awarded to pilot error. [8] The incident resulted in the temporary closure of Brantford Airport. [6]

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