Solar Roof Mounting Kits: I did it for less than $200.

Solar Roof Mounting Kits: Solar energy is the energy received from the sun to produce electricity.  The energy thus received can be stored for future use when there is a drastic need for electricity.

Solar Roof Mounting Kits: it works!

Solar energy can be conserved by using solar panels.  The solar panels have to be roof mounted so that it can be exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight can be converted to electricity either through the photovoltaic effect or through the concentrated solar power system.

In photovoltaic effect solar panels which consist of an assembly of interconnected solar cells are used.  In concentrated solar power system the sun’s energy is used to boil water which in turn is used to produce electricity.

Most customers who want to install a solar panel are not aware of the different solar roof mounting kits available in the market. Most of the companies provide customers with a guide which consists of volumes and volumes of information about its installation.

Customers really get bored and confused after reading these guides and sometimes they are left in the dark as to what to do and where to go.  Most of the customers wish to have a video library which provides step-by-step information of what to do and whom to approach to install a solar panel.

This information provided by the video library should be easily understandable to all who have no prior idea of installing a solar panel.

Solar Roof Mounting Kits: This is important!

The next important thing by a customer is to have a “To buy list” which will enable customers to avoid unnecessary materials in the installation of solar panels.

The customers would get an idea of the components which come along with the solar roof mounting kit. Then most customers expect an after sales service of the solar panels to ensure it is properly maintained.

The final aspect is to pay a one time payment rather than paying in installments.  These are the above aspects which most customers are particular about in installing solar roof mounting kits.

  • The Different Types Of Solar Roof Mounting Kits

There are many types of solar roof mounting kits.  The “grid-tie” solar energy system is one such type.  This system generates electricity and is connected to the main electric grid.

Grid-tie systems convert solar energy into electric current.  Solar panels absorb sunlight from the sun thereby producing DC electric current.  The grid-tie inverter converts this DC electric current to AC electric current.

This can be either directly used or transferred to the main grid to be stored and used for future use. The next type of solar roof mounting kit is the Pole Mount Solar power System.

Solar Roof Mounting Kits: Make sure!

This solar roof mounting kits comes with a Solar panel, a charge controller which ensures that the solar panel does overcharge the solar batteries.

Output cables and wiring options for almost all kind of applications. A Hardware Kit for Mounting the Photovoltaic Solar panel. The Pole Mount solar roof mounting kits is the most popular one among all other kits and is useful for a wide range of applications.

  • Solar Power Kits Used For Sign Lighting and Marine Lighting

The other type of solar roof mounting kits is the solar sign lighting.  There are a wide variety of signs used by many companies.  The signs are either lighted by neon bulbs or fluorescent bulbs.

Some signs would be in a brick or stone structure which would require an extra illumination.  In such cases the solar sign lighting facility can be used.  This system makes use of a solar panel, a battery and the light.

These solar roof mounting kits used for illuminating signs can illuminate small and large signs. The 6’ *6’ solar lighting kit can illuminate an area of 32 sq.ft.  and comes with a light. The 6’ * 12’ kit can illuminate an area of 72 sq.ft. and comes with two lights.

This solar roof mounting kit used for lighting signs is found to be ideal for five star hotels, theme parks and resorts. The Marine and RV solar power kit is the other type of solar roof mounting kit.

Solar Roof Mounting Kits: My tip for you!

This solar power kit can be used in the roof top of boats, ships and other road vehicles which have a roof top.  These solar roof mounting kits also comes with a solar panel, a charge controller, hardware to mount the solar panel and complete wiring for the whole system.

The wiring can be connected to the solar panel which in turn is connected to the charge controller and battery.  This type of solar roof mounting kits are ideal for Government Vehicles which ply on the road and saves a lot of electricity for the Government.