Solar hot water in New Zealand

Solar hot water in New Zealand is used on both new and existing buildings.

Solar thermal technologies had a sizable initial uptake in the pioneering days of the 1970s. By 2001 more than 40GWhr was produced from solar hot water technologies, equating to 0.1% of total electricity consumption in New Zealand. [1] In 2006 the government announced an investment of $ 15.5 million over the first three and a half years of a five-year solar water heating program. There are about 35,000 solar hot water installations on domestic and commercial buildings. [2]

There are now eleven manufacturers and importers in the industry with most of the collector system being locally made. [1]

Barriers to adoption

The main barrier for the installation of solar hot water is the initial capital investment. Other barriers are the conservatism of the building industry, lack of influence on the price of houses, and lack of adequate information about solar hot water heating. [1]

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