Solar flower tower

AORA’s Solar Flower Tower is a hybrid power generator that uses solar and alternative fuels, including diesel fuel , natural gas , natural gas , biogas , and other biofuels , to provide a constant source of power. A module, dubbed the Solar Flower Tower because it looks like a golden yellow tulip , creates about 100 kW of electricity . The basis of the design is to use a micro turbine turbine. What makes the micro turbine unique is the efficiency of smaller power blocks, which allows small-scale construction, simpler operation and less land needed.[1]


Formerly known as EDIG Solar, AORA is an Israeli based company that develops solar-hybrid power generators. The Ministry of Defense (Israel) , El Al Israel Airlines, and the National Health Service Provider. EDIG presently has a relationship with the Weizmann Institute of Science , providing engineering services. It was at the Weizmann Institute of Science where the solar thermal technology was developed. After the technology has been licensed to EDIG, continued advancing to a new sub-company, EDIG Solar, now known as AROA. [2]

How the tower works

In half an acre of land (about 40% of a football field), a solar tower module is surrounded by thirty heliostats reflecting the sun in a special solar receiver inside the module. The receiver heats the turbine’s air to about 1,000 ° C, and the heat is sent into the turbine’s expander to create electricity. [3]

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