Solar artwork

Solar artwork is a new type of art that integrates the new technologies related to solar power . Thanks to this capability to produce clean energy, these works of solar art offer some resources and possibilities that have remained unnoticed until now in this field of art.

Solar-powered artworks are categorized as public art , because they should be exhibited in open spaces with optimal solar exposure. There are only a few cases where the artwork has been located within indoor spaces.

Solar artwork combines art, architecture, design, science, and a common objective to create new aesthetic spaces within urban landscapes where, at the same time, they can take an active part in the ecological global awareness.

The interactive possibilities are their main attraction. The ability to produce solar power is more important than an artistic ornament. This is the point where solar art can make the most of their originality, and they can enhance the artistic experience of the public.

Solar artwork has a complex nature, with many possibilities and pioneering characteristics, which causes confusion about their classification. These projects have been designed by artists, but also by architects or designers, and they come from different parts of the world. Therefore, the formal characteristics that we find in the future, even more so if we take into account the advances in solar power technology during previous years.


The context of the emergence of this phenomenon is directly related to our current socio-political situation in the world, with increasing urgency of leaving fossil fuels and gambling on new types of energy, which is much more efficient based on renewable resources . This process of change has a reflection in the art world, which wants to have an active participation in this common objective ( sustainable art ). Within these numerous artistic initiatives that exist with the ecologyas a background, we can find a little group of designers who want to use the science of solar power as part of their artistic production. Works of solar art are an illustrative example of how the relationship between art, architecture and the new technologies from the point of view of an artistic insight, in addition to their practical contribution.

Solar artwork designers

We can find different examples of solar artwork, with the common virtue of their designers’ insight about the aesthetic vision of solar power production.

  • Greeting to the Sun by Nikola Bašić (Croatia.) “Symbolic urban installation which, by means of photovoltaic cells built-in sea walkway, changes solar energy into lighting show.” [1]
  • Heliotropis by Anthony Castronovo (US) “Heliotropis is a techno-biotic solar sculpture that changes its form and behavior based on inputs from environmental sensors.” [2]
  • Piksol Project by Drzach & Suchy (Switzerland.) “Piksol (ie, a solar pixel) allows creation of arbitrary patterns and images on building facades, while at the same time both visually interesting and environment-friendly design of facades. ” [3]
  • The Dang’cing Solar Flowers by Alexandre Dang (Belgium.) Citation needed ]
  • Entirely Solar powered Night Garden by O * GE Creative Group (Israel.) “In the shadow of the Jerusalem Citadel, a” Night Garden “of solar-powered flowers bloomed in 2009, capturing sunlight during the day and glowing in ever-changing colors and intensities throughout the night. ” [4]
  • Sun Flower by Daniela Bertol (USA.) Citation needed ]
  • Solar Peace Sculpture by Fred George (Germany) “Standing 58 feet high, the sculpture is constructed from 80 oil barrels, with a solar energy panel attached to each barrel. grid. ” [5]
  • Solar Collector by Gorbet Design (Canada.) “Solar collector’s website collects light in the sun at the same time. through a simple web interface. ” [6]
  • SunFlowers by Harries & HÃ © n Public Art Team (USA.) “Cyclists and strollers on a certain path in suburban Austin will find their way shaded during the day and night by 15 giant blue” SunFlowers, an Electric Garden, “which transform sunlight into energy. ” [7]
  • Solarsail by Solarsail Society (Switzerland.) “One of the original solar artworks, the” Solarsail “in Switzerland highlights the progressive environmental policies of the municipality of Münsingen, which has been designated in Veloville (bicycle town) and an Energy Town.” [8]
  • Solar Tree Project by Rein Triefeldt (USA.) Citation needed ]
  • Sonumbra by Loop.pH (UK.) “Lightweight and flexible, the creation by Rachel Wingfield & Mathias Gmachl from UK-based design studio Loop.pH responds to its audience with light and sound patterns generated by the movement of people in the space around it. ” [9]
  • The Verdant Walk by North Design Office (Canada.) “A temporary installation created for Cleveland Public Art by the Toronto-based studio North Design Office, brought new life to the Cleveland Mall for two years with its glowing orb sculptures and landscaping backdrop of native Oily Ohio. ” [10]
  • PV Stained Glass by Sarah Hall (Canada), experiments with the integration of photovoltaic technology into art glass.
  • Solar Ivy by SMIT (USA) “With their simple, lightweight, and infinitely adaptable system of miniature, leaf-shaped solar-power sensors, the Brooklyn-based creators of” Solar Ivy “hope to see homes, offices, and other structures decked out with renewable-energy generators that add to, rather than detract from, their aesthetic appeal. ” [11]
  • Silicon Forest by Brian Borrello (USA.) [ Citation needed ]
  • Secrets of the Sun: Millennial Meditations (Rome) by Peter Erskine (USA) “The Sun is the energy source, subject matter and medium for this Solar Art and Sound installation in the ancient Roman Forum.” [12]
  • Solarworks by Thomas A. Lindsey (USA) citation needed ]

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