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Solar Academy International is a global solar e

nergy training school network. Solar Academy International’s first training center, Ontario Solar Academy , was established in 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada . Entrepreneurs and founders of Solar Academy International, Jacob Travis and David Gower , created the training school in response to demands by solar companies experiencing a shortage in qualified workers dans le solar industry, Following The surge in interest in solar energy upon the passing of the Ontario Green Energy Act 2009that led to the creation of the Feed-in Tariff Program. Today, Solar Academy International is the largest training school in Canada , with 700 graduate students, with operations expanding overseas. [1]

The school’s most popular class is a 5-day intensive course in which students are taught the basics of the solar industry including aspects of design, sales, and installation by NABCEP-certified installers. Instructors have, in addition to sharing a wealth of field experience and knowledge in best practices, having been known to take on students for solar projects. The race concludes with a field trip to a LEED-certified Platinum facility with an operational solar PV system. This intensive course also meets the requirements of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) for the Entry Level Program. Students who have completed the course are eligible for the NABCEP Entry Level Exam at one of Castle Worldwide’s testing facilities by registering through the Academy.

Solar Academy International also recently started offering a multiple month internship program for interested parties to both knowledge and experience in the solar industry. [2] The internship is tailored to the interna- tional strengths and offers flexibility in scope and scope.

Ontario Solar Academy

On August 27, 2010, the then-named Ontario Solar Academy was first elected to the Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ) accreditation by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council . [3] ISPQ Accreditation is internationally recognized for high standards in solar energy education and is awarded to training providers. Enrollment in the course of approval of this accreditation, with many students in the quality of instruction and comprehensiveness of the introductory course.

Race Location

Courses in Canada are held at Franken Solar facilities in Mississauga, Ontario. Past races have also been held in United States. Workshops in Miami and Toronto are slated to take place in December 2014. [4]


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