Samsung E1107

The Samsung E1107 (also known as Crest Solar or Solar Guru ) is a mobile phone designed for a rural lower budget market. It was first released in India on July 10, 2009 with an initial price of 2799 रू ( Indian rupees ).


The feature set is spartial (clock, alarm, timer, stopwatch, T9 predictive text, calculator, converter, 10 polyphonic ringtones, 5 color themes menu, 3 wallpapers, 2 games ( Sudoku , Super Jewel quest), vibration, profiles, phonebook (500 entries), call log (30 entries)).

It also has special features for a rural consumer market like a lamp and power saving mode. It also has a built-in phone tracker and SOS messages. No connectivity like USB, Bluetooth or Infrared is supported.


The Indian version also included “Mobile prayer,” a specialized feature for Indian religions that includes prayers and wallpapers for each other.

Solar panel

The battery supports up to 570 hours of standby or 8 hours of talk time. It can be done through the solar panel for additional 5-10 minutes of talk time per hour of charging. The phone is not supposed to run on solar charging for an extended period of time. why? ]

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