Powerhouse (alliance for energy positive buildings)

Powerhouse is an alliance of companies dedicated to building PlusEnergy buildings. The cooperation Consists of property developers Entra Eiendom and Skanska AB , architect company Snøhetta , the environmental NGO Zero Emission Resource Organization , the aluminum extrusion company Sapa Group and the consulting firm Asplan Viak. The focus is on proving that one can make energy positive buildings in cold environments too, thus the first buildings were constructed in Norway . To be defined as a Powerhouse, production, operation, renovation and demolition.

Powerhouse Telemark

When the diamond-shaped “Powerhouse Telemark” is completed in February 2019, [1] it will be Norway’s first office building that produces more energy than it consumes – and at the same time the world’s northernmost energy-positive building. [2] The 30 meter tall building will consist of 11 floors with a total area of ​​6300 square meters. The investment is estimated to be around NOK 150 million. [3] Property developer Emil Eriksrød and his company R8 Property hope the building in Porsgrunn with only 35,000 residents will help lower the threshold for building energy-positive buildings. [4]Powerhouse Telemark has a diamond-like shape to minimize energy consumption and maximize the harvest of solar energy. [5] Architects are Snøhetta and the company’s founder Kjetil Trædal Thorsen believes Powerhouse Telemark will put Norway on the international map when it comes to energy solutions and architecture. [6]

Powerhouse Brattørkaia

Powerhouse Brattørkaia will be an innovative office building with new environmental technology and technical solutions located in Trondheim , Norway. The building will offer approximately 16,000 square meters of rental space in total. Over time, heating, lighting and energy from its surroundings will enable Powerhouse Brattørkaia to produce more energy than it uses. The building itself will have a highly compact design, with low heating requirements and innovative ventilation systems. [7]


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