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Ecube Labs Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of smart and connected waste bins and solar-powered portable waste compactors, reflecting the broader, global trend of Internet of Things . Ecube Lab’s garbage containers are equipped with sensors capable of monitoring their fill-level and bin status. [1] This allows waste collectors to reduce operating costs by up to 80% through lowering frequency collection.

Ecube Labs was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Seoul , South Korea at Guro Digital Industrial Complex , an industrial complex that has become a hub for high-tech companies and start-ups. [2]


  • Clean Cube : A waste compaction bin powered entirely by solar energy . Embedded sensors measure the bin-level in real-time and triggers automated compaction of waste, which increases the bin capacity by 500% – 700%. Using either 2G or 3G wireless telecommunication technology, real-time data from Clean Cubes is sent to Ecuador Labs online, allowing remote monitoring of bin statuses and fill-levels. The Clean Cube stands out from the crowd. Wi-Fi hotspot capability, back-lit LEDs advertisement panel, and motion-activated sound players.
  • Clean Cap : A wireless sensor that measures a container’s fill-level in real time. It comes in a battery-powered and solar-powered model and can be attached to any type of container. Using either 2G or 3G wireless telecommunication technology, Clean City Networks’ servers.
  • Clean City Networks (CCN) : An integrated waste management platform designed to optimize the efficiency of waste collection . CCN provides a comprehensive collection of historical data and analytics reports. It also allows users to monitor Clean Cubes and Clean Cap-equipped containers in real-time. In addition to CCN notifying users when and where is required in real-time, its predictive algorithms generate schedules for future collections. CCN also helps drivers by optimizing routes for each collection.


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