DIY Solar Panels for Air Conditioners: Your Startup Guide!

DIY Solar Panels for Air Conditioners: Life is a wonderful cycle which has been, and continues to be driven by the energy cycle that continues to be exchanged between the various living and non-living creatures present in the planet.

DIY Solar Panels for Air Conditioners: Think about this!

Hence, it’s no wonder that the best evolved animals, have gone in search of energy sources that don’t get exhausted and capable of renewing themselves.

More often than not, human beings turn up on the right side of the plate when it comes to exciting ventures, even if that means to cause inconvenience to a few other substances or people.

But this time, they have created quite a huge flutter by identifying an energy source, that only has a remote possibility of getting exhausted. Though Solar energy has quite a slight possibility of getting exhausted, it does’nt look like being so in the near future and hence it is definitely safe to mention Solar Energy as the saviour for living beings on the earth.

The next step was to identify an equipment that could live up to the task of harnessing solar energy and convert it into other forms which can be used up by the appliances present in our homes.

This equipment was identified to be the solar panels and as time passed by, these equipments also started to evolve and be produced by individuals themselves, at their homes.

Gradually, these solar panels started to be specific and were designed to suit specific appliances. One such appliance is the air conditioner which can be supplied enough power, by converting the harnessed solar energy into electrical energy through the DIY solar panels named as diy solar panels for air conditioner.

DIY Solar Panels for Air Conditioners: Be sure!

Components And Mechanism For Installing DIY Solar Panels For Air Conditioners: The diy solar panels for air conditioner makes optimum use of the energy from the sun to allow it’s compressors to get driven.

But, unlike normal air conditioners, these appliances welcome only direct current at the input part. The vital components which are required to produce the diy solar panels for air conditioner are the DC ductless air conditioner, a battery bank, 48-volts solar panels and a charge controller.

The ductless air conditioner is chosen because it is more efficient and unlike, the air-conditioners from split unit systems, they do not require that extra volume of electricity to pump the refrigerant into the system from a distance.

This lies in line with the motive of preparing this model, which is to conserve energy and it also reduces the money which will be shelled out for electricity and enable it to be used for other purposes of higher priority.

It is also advisable that you go in for the purchase of a DC air conditioner right away, in order to eliminate the workload of converting an AC machine into a DC one.

Also, take into account the area which should be cooled with the air conditioner run by the diy solar panels for air conditioner. The number of photo voltaic panels that are required to run the air conditioner depends upon the ratio of the number of hours, an air conditioner is used to the number of hours, the compressor is being run.

DIY Solar Panels for Air Conditioners: A powerful tip!

A typical system would require 5 pieces of solar panels, while the number can actually be calculated depending upon the area which diy solar panels for air conditioner should cater and the period during which sunlight would’nt be supplied to the panels.

A 48V power supply will serve as the ideal back up. It is also a must that you get a charge controller, after choosing your air conditioning unit to be run by the solar panels.

Recommendations And Precautions That Could Benefit In The Installation Of DIY Solar Panels For Air Conditioners: Some of the other recommendations which could be provided for the effective utilization of the diy solar panels for air conditioner is that, it is possible to use solar panels to simultaneously operate alternate current units.

But, the problem in here is that, there will be power loss which occurs when the conversion from DC to AC takes place. For this purpose, more solar panels are required.

  • But, this is not a good practice and hence, it should be avoided.

It would also be of great efficiency if the user can come up with a variable speed motor controller and a variable refrigerant-flow compressor for the diy solar panels for air conditioner.

DIY Solar Panels for Air Conditioners: My last words for you!

Unlike other air conditioners which simply turns on and off due to the feedback from the thermostat, this motor runs continuously but, it is capable of adjusting it’s response with respect to the feedback mechanism.

DIY Solar Panels for Air ConditionersAfter getting your air conditioning system run by the solar panels installed completely, test it once before putting it through the general rigours.

Having seen all these features, it is upto the public to install the air conditioning system run by solar panel, if ever they go in for one in the future.