Copiapó Solar Project

The Copiapó Solar Project is a 260 megawatt (MW) net solar thermal power project located near Copiapo , about 65 kilometers east of the coastal town of Caldera . [2] The project is being developed by SolarReserve , [3] and is scheduled to reach commercial operation in 2019.

The Copiapó project will include two 120 megawatt ( MW , 130 MW gross) solar thermal towers with up to 14 hours thermal storage, combined with 150 MW of PV . [4] The hybrid project will deliver over 1,700 gigawatt hours ( GW · h ) annually, as non-intermittent baseload power, 24 hours a day. The project uses heliostat mirrors that collect and focus the sun’s thermal energy to heat molten salt flowing through a solar power tower. The molten salt circulates from the tower to a storage tank, where it is then used to produce steam and generate electricity. Excess thermal energy is stored in the molten salt and can be used to generate sunlight, when the sun is not available. The project is solar tower component technology is based on the SolarReserve Crescent Solar Energy Project Dunes in the US.

The project is expected to cost $ 2 billion. [5]

The Copiapo Solar Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA), Environmental Assessment Resolution (RCA), is the Chilean Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA). permit, on August 19, 2015. [6]

The hybrid concept combines two or more energy conversion mechanisms. The purpose is to provide a high level of energy security and reliability through the integrated mix of complementary generation methods. [7] [8] Specifically, photovoltaics, to date, has a lower cost if one ignores the dispatchability question, which is instead solved by the solar thermal component.

At the 2017 auction, SolarReserve bid $ 63 / MWh for 24-hour power with no subsidies, competing with other types such as LNG gas turbines. [1]

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