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Comparing solar photovoltaic cell prices should be done carefully as looking for cheap solar panels will not necessarily result in finding the best solar photovoltaic cells. The best solar photovoltaic cells are highly efficient and capable of operating at optimum performance in a variety of light conditions. A solar photovoltaic cell is another term used to describe the solar panels that are used to generate electricity using the photovoltaic effect. Solar photovoltaic cells or solar panels absorb sunlight and react by producing electrons that are used for electricity. The cheapest solar panels can be found for as little as £35 but will only be able to supply minimal power enough to charge mobile telephones or PDAs.
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A 60w photovoltaic cell will cost around £249.99 in the UK although this is the cost of the actual solar module and will require additional equipment to be used to generate electricity. A 60w solar panel system or kit complete with all of the necessary components to operate household appliances can cost around £800 for a system that does not require an electrician and can operate laptops, TVs and lamps for 2 to 4 hours a day. A 3kW (14 panel) solar photovoltaic cell system will cost around £8,300 excluding VAT and installation. A fully installed MCS accredited 3kW solar photovoltaic cell system can cost from as little as £10,200 in the UK.
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Be aware when comparing the cost of solar panels that sometimes the more expesive option may prove to be better value in the long run. Solar panels are a long term investment and just as there will be variations in the cos of your panels there will be variation in the return on investment.

For example:

table4 Compare Solar Photovoltaic Cell Prices
Solar Photovoltaic Cell Suppliers

The best solar photovoltaic cell suppliers will be highly experienced at providing the appropriate specification of solar panel to fit the purposes of the individual installation. By providing competitive solar photovoltaic cell prices and a professionally designed solar panel system, reputable suppliers are able to maintain their reputation as providing high quality rather than just cheap prices. It is also important to only use Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited installers in order to make money from solar photovoltaic cells under Feed in Tariffs (FITs) as only MCS approved companies can supply systems that qualify for cash payments under the scheme. As much as 43.3p per kWh is paid to homeowners who use solar panels to generate electricity under the Feed in Tariff scheme.
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The best way to properly compare solar photovoltaic cell prices in the UK would be to make use of a solar photovoltaic comparison website which can also provide solar panel product reviews and industry information. As well as allowing users to compare the prices from the best solar photovoltaic suppliers in the UK and abroad, comparison websites can provide valuable technology updates and news on government cash incentives offered to those investing in solar photovoltaic cells.
The best way to compare solar photovoltaic cell prices is to use a solar comparison website that can also provide solar product reviews.

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