Alberta Solar Decathlon Project

The Alberta Solar Decathlon Project was an entry into the 2009 US DOE Solar Decathlon Competition in Washington, DC in October 2009. The team is now one of the 20 teams present.

The Solar Decathlon is a high-profile, international competition in which the world is the most attractive, efficient and energy-efficient solar-powered home.

The event is primarily sponsored by the US Department of Energy and includes 10 individual contests for students and their homes. It takes place in the National Mall in Washington DC The teams ‘houses and the sponsors’ educational exhibits form a solar ‘village.’ The public, media, industry representatives and invited dignitaries tour the homes and exhibits and learn about solar energy, energy efficiency and home design.

The team

The Alberta Solar Decathlon is composed of Calgary’s four post-secondary schools: the University of Calgary, SAIT Polytechnic, Mount Royal College and the Alberta College of Art + Design.

Student leaders

  • Mark Blackwell : Project Chair; University of Calgary, BCOMM Energy Management Student
  • Matt Beck : Project Manager; University of Calgary, MSc in Environmental Design Student
  • Turkish Harmesynn : Construction Manager; SAIT, Graduate
  • Whitney Nordstrom : Design Team Leader; Mount Royal College, Interior Design
  • Mike Gestwick : Technology Team Leader; University of Calgary, MSc in Environmental Design Student
  • Chris Lashmar : Thermal Systems Lead; University of Calgary, Schulich School of Engineering
  • Samanta Jovanovic : Sponsorship Manager; University of Calgary, Haskayne School of Business

See also

  • Solar Hero , a documentary film about the project


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