4 KW Solar Panel Systems

A 4kW solar panel systems can earn homeowners thousands of pounds every year and cost as little as £9,000 from UK suppliers
Solar PV Systems

Solar PV systems, otherwise referred to as solar panel systems, usually consist of two or more solar panels, or PV panels, connected together to achieve a certain power output. A typical 4kW solar PV system can comprise of 21 190 watt solar PV panels, mounting rails, roof mounts, fixing clamps, panel fixing clamps, two DC isolators and a grid-tie inverter (converts DC to AC). Grid-tie solar PV systems do not require batteries as they are able to feed directly into the mains supply using special inverters. If a 4kW solar PV system is off-grid then it will need a bank of batteries to store the electricity which will then be feed into a different type of inverter.
Feed in Tariffs

Most 4kW solar PV systems will be designed to amount to 3,990kW of power which keeps them below the threshold for maximum cash payments under Feed in Tariffs or FITs for renewable energy. The UK government introduced FITs to encourage more people into using solar PV systems for electricity production. Up to 43.3p per kWh is paid to homeowners or businesses for every kilowatt of power generated by the systems so long as they are below 4kW. Solar PV systems above 4kW but below 10kW are paid for at a maximum rate of 37.8p per kWh.
How Much Money Can I Save or Earn?

The amount of money that can be earned or saved by using a 4kW solar PV system will depend on the direction of solar panels once they are installed, the geographical location and the amount of electricity that is consumed.

Assuming that only 50% of the energy generated is used and the 4kW solar PV system is in London, then savings and revenue from FITs could amount to around £1,500 a year.

The exact amount will vary and could be greater or less. The amount saved or earned will also depend on how many energy saving measures you take as well. Never leaving appliances in standby mode is one way to increase savings as any energy saving is always cheaper than the cost of generating energy, even using solar PV panels.

returns 4 KW Solar Panel Systems

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Solar PV System Prices

A 4kW solar PV system will vary in price between suppliers according to their labour charges and according to which brand of solar PV panels that they supply. Be sure to only use MCS accredited installers or the 4kW solar PV system will not be eligible to earn you cash from Feed in Tariffs. Only MCS accredited installers are able to supply MCS approved solar panels. The typical price of an MCS approved 4kW solar PV system is around £12,800 installed. Finding the best suppliers of 4kW solar panel systems can be done by using legitimate solar energy comparison and information website. Specialist solar energy information and comparison websites, such as this one, can provide product information and reviews and connect users to the many of the most experienced MCS solar panel suppliers in the UK.

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